QSL Cards arrived!

We have just got from the printer a bunch of 2,000 QSL cards for PY0F activities. After searching between some QSL printing services available on the internet, we stoped by a brazilian digital printing company with a very good quality / price. (30 USD for 1,000 cards – 4+1 colors – no shipping included).

The logs for PY0F activities during this last year were already uploaded to Clublog and may be requested via Clublog OQRS or Direct to PY7RP.

py0f qsl card

PY0F QSL card


CQWW CW 2018 Results

py0f cqww cw 2018 - results

PY0F maybe a bit too rare for contests. The pileups are sometimes too big. Many DXers need PY0F badly for their per-band country totals etc. Some of them forget to respect the “code of conduct” and block your QRG.

DX-peditions usually ask “up” to work their pile-ups. This practice is virtually impossible is contests, because your pileup probably falls on somebody else´s run freq.

On 80, my pile-up grew so big that I lost its control on my own QRG. I had to work split for a couple of hours on the upper part of the 80m CW band. Sorry if I “stepped on someone´s feet”…

6 band QSO:s CN3A D41CV EF8R K3LR PS2T


Rig: Yaesy FT-1000MP + Alpha 91b with 800W.

Antennas (no rotors):

10-15-20: Cushcraft A4S at 18m fixed to EU KLM KT36XA up 18m fixed to NA

40: 2-el yagi at 20m fixed to EU 2-el yagi at 20m fixed to NA

80: Inverted-V, apex at 16m.

160: 1/4 wave sloper fixed on 18m tower.

I worked about 27 hours and made a total of 2869 QSOs.

The worst problem was a high noise level from an unknown source. It was worst on 160 but audible on all bands at different levels. The day AFTER the contest, we found that the source was an old 12 volt switching power supply LOCATED RIGHT IN THE SHACK… !@#*%$#!

TNX to the PY0F CQ WW SSB team and the rest of the Noronha Contest Group for setting up the station. The CW part was planned to be a Multi-op but due to family problems, the other operators had to stay home, leaving the Old Man to do the job alone.

Thanks to my great host Marenga, PU0FDN and his XYL for a 5-star service!

The station will be upgraded and will be on in upcoming contests.

73, Ville PY2ZEA OH2MM

py0f cqww cw 2018 - ville

Left: PU0FDN – Marenga, Right: PY2ZEA/OH2MM – Ville

PY0F – QRV on 60m

PY0F will be active November 29 and 30, 2018 in the newly brazilian 60m band.  Operation will be focused on FT8 mode and operated by PY7RP Renner.


Renner PY7RP


Frequency (kHz)







Start Final









5366 x x x x


5366 5366,5 x


Brazilian band plan for the 60m band

Note: 5354 to 5366 kHz = DX window

FT8 – 5357 kHz

QSL via: see the routes for QSL on the QSL Info page



CQWW SSB 2018 – The Team

To our hosts Marenga and Lola our sincere thanks for the kindness to welcome us in their home during the week and the weekend of the contest giving us a fantastic reception that positively influenced the whole team.

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-28 at 09.53.49Ladies always first: EA4DE (@CX3ACS) Estela Mary


WhatsApp Image 2018-10-28 at 09.54.06.jpegEA4LI Juan Carlos


PY0F pronta para entrarWith black shirt PT2FM Phil and PY2MN Yuri


WhatsApp Image 2018-10-23 at 09.04.47PT2IC Stephano, before the contest, dreaming with the pileups


WhatsApp Image 2018-10-28 at 21.15.24

Left to right:

Seated: EA4DE (@CX3ACS) Estela Mary & PT2IC Stephano

Standing: Our host PU0FDN Marenga, PT2FM Phil, Marenga´s wife Lola, PY2MN Yuri & EA4LI Juan Carlos



Murphys Law: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”

After a long absence Murphy’s Law reappeared a little before the week of the CQWW SSB.

The Yagi antennas of the hunting station had serious faults, Yagi 2el to 40m with the reflector out of position and the tri band KT34XA with SWR very high in all 3 bands.

The two antennas were removed from the tower with the 40m yagi being quickly repaired but the tribanda required more time to analyze what was happening.

These tasks consumed time and effort from the operators delaying the completion of the station assembly.

It’s the first operation in SSB with station being set up for the first time and much work was done until the beginning of the contest.

It was 5 days of hard work, a lot of dedication, a lot of effort and all this under the strong sun and heat characteristic of Fernando de Noronha.

Congratulations and thank you to all the team and all who have contributed in some way to being in this tropical paradise practicing our hobby and doing what we like so much: contest.

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-24 at 10.56.48 (1)

Working with 2el 40m yagi

Left to right: PT2FM Phil, PU0FDN Marenga. Baiano (The towers Man) and PY2MN Yuri


WhatsApp Image 2018-10-25 at 14.06.23Preparing for transport KT34XA to the tower

Left to right:

EA4LI Juan Carlos, PT2IC Stephano, PY2MN Yuri, The Tower Man and PT2FM Phil


WhatsApp Image 2018-10-25 at 14.21.28WhatsApp Image 2018-10-25 at 14.29.36