ARRL DX SSB Contest 2020

PY0F will be activated by PT2IC Stephano.

Radios, amps and antennas are working perfectly and we hope to achieve a good performance and serve everyone who calls us.

Twenty meters is always an exciting band to operate from Fernando de Noronha especially for North America, where the signals are always strong and the pileups frantic and exciting generating a lot of adrenaline in the operators.

While the contest does not start we will appreciate the natural beauty of Fernando de Noronha.

Sunset at Boldró Beach located 450m north of PY0F (Photo by PP2BT)
Sunset Beach (photo by PT2IC Stephano)

PT2IC & Lola, Wife of PU0FDN our always wonderful anfritriã (Photo by PU0FDN Marenga)
PY0F ready for contest
Sunset in Fernando de Noronha

PY0F last entity for 5BDXCC

Regardless of contests results there are other motivations that encourage us to move forward with PY0F project such as making Fernando de Noronha Island a more active DXCC entity. We hope to make this happen again more often!.

Congratulations Willian K. Carr III, K5TU!

PY0F Team

Preparations for the CQWW Contests – 2019 Season!

During July 22-28, improvements, modifications, and a lot of maintenance were carried out at the station aiming the CQWW 2019 Contests Season!

Despite the short period of only 5 running days a lot of work were possible to be done at PY0F.

The main goal this time was to redifine the layout of the antennas per tower and assemble the 2nd KLM KT34XA.

We have 2 main towers, named Tower 1 and Tower 3 (actually we have 2 more towers but they are not used for HF contesting 🙂 ).

Tower 1 – This is the strongest tower and it is placed strategically on the property. This is our main running tower.

Tower 3 – The antennas on T3 are planned to be used for S&P.

You may realize our towers are not high enough for an appropriate stack of tribanders BUT our goal is to improve the QSO rates with the possibility of fast antenna direction switching between NA/EU during the pileups.

Here the work begins…

This is how “Tower 3″ looked before the work:

Work performed on Tower 3:

  • Removal of vegetation from the base of Tower 3
  • Removal of all antenas from T3: 40m Yagi, KT34XA (1) and a VHF ant
  • 40m Yagi – Fixed and Replaced reflector element
  • 40m Yagi – Replaced the element to boom plates
  • 40m Yagi – Installed new 1:1 HP balun (TNX OH2MM)
  • 40m Yagi – Adjusted for better SWR curve on 40m
  • 40m Yagi – Replaced faulty 1/2″ hardline coax
  • KT34XA (1) – Installed new 4:1 HP balun (TNX OH2MM)
  • KT34XA (1) – Moved this antenna to Tower 1
  • Removed A4S tribander from T1 and placed it below 40m Yagi on T3

This is how “Tower 3” looked after the work:

Tower 3 after maintenance and modifications – Cushcraft A4S Triband + 2el 40m Yagi

This is how “Tower 1” looked before the work:

Tower 1 before maintenance and modifications – 2el 40m Yagi and Cushcraft A4S triband

Work performed on Tower 1:

  • Removal of A4S antenna and moved to T3
  • Moved 40m Yagi to the top of the mast
  • Placed KT34XA (1) taken from T1 below 40m Yagi
  • Installed the VHF Yagi between both antennas
  • Installed the new antenna side arm
  • Assembled and Installed the KT34XA (2) on the side arm
  • Installed new PST61D rotor
New side arm to 2nd KT34XA fixed to NA

… and this is how the Tower 1 looked at the 5th day of hard work:

Tower 1 after maintenance and modifications – 2 X KT34XA triband and 2el 40m Yagi

… and we still got some work to do “in the shack”:

  • Alpha 91b (x1) – replaced PTO
  • Alpha 91b (x2) – installed transformer that was removed for shipping
  • Power Supply – One more Icom PS125 power supply installed
  • Removed FT-1000MP for repair – shipped to mainland
  • Repositioning / organization of internal station wiring started.
  • Repositioned sockets at the bottom of the tables
  • 110V / 220V markings placed on power outlet boards

Tasks to be done in the week before CQWW SSB:

Tower 3:

  • Adjust SWR for the A4S Cushcraft

Tower 1:

  • Stack match installation

Out-of-the shack:

  • Install new 80m vertical antenna
  • Install new 160m vertical antenna
  • Install 200m long Beverage in NA direction
  • Install 200m long Beverage in EU direction

Inside the station:

Get everything ready for the planned category… M/S? M/2?

CQWW SSB 2018 – Results

One more contest, one more CQWW SSB, another step in the eternal learning curve.

Much work still to be done, improvements, modifications, but we have learned more and more and the place of the station is very competitive.

In addition to the beautiful beaches, tranquility, little noise, the kindness of our host Mare nga PU0FDN and his wife Lola renews us the will to return.

Our thanks to the operators of 2018 who despite all the difficulties demonstrated a great team spirit and did an excellent job achieving a result beyond their own expectations.

In 2019 we will be back with the same team and reinforced with more operators, new equipments, new RX antennas by RemoteQTH and other improvements.

We hope to meet you in contest

Many thanks to all who contacted us.

PY0F Team

Airbnb – Suite for rental!

Our host, Marenga, PU0FDN has just made some improvements on his guest suite and now (since February, 2019) has registered it on and is available for rental for now and on.

So, now, if you plan to visit Fernando de Noronha Island, and would like to rest for some days in a simple but very friendly and peacefull place, you should consider visit his Airbnb site on this link.

Below there are some photos from this place. And here you can check his location on the island in Google Maps.

PS: The rental does not include the use of the Amateur Radio Station.